Coupar Consulting

Coupar Consulting is a marketing agency in San Francisco, focusing mainly on Interior Design clients in the Bay. Worked as the only graphic designer on their team, and worked with prominent Interior Design clients during my time there.

Graphic Design

All of my work was under an NDA with Coupar Consulting. However, I worked with clients such as Regan Baker Design, Alison Damonte, Martin Young Design, Alison Pickart, and Kendall Wilkinson.

In my time with Coupar, I created magazine ads and layouts, event fliers and brochures and business cards. I created newsletter and email marketing designs. I created graphics and illustrations for social media and email marketing campaigns. I wrote on the Coupar Consulting blog and managed our website. I edited client photos for press and for their websites, as well as managed their websites and created new designs for their sites.

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