Klæde is a unique collection of kerchiefs; a company that I began as a way to express my love for art and fashion. Everything you see, the website, branding, art direction, and even the kerchiefs themselves, I have created.


Kerchief Painting and Design

I researched and color trends and pattern trends for the upcoming year. Ive always been drawn to fashion from the late 60’s and early 70’s, and I was excited to see the mod-style trending for Summer/Spring 2019.

After my research, I spent time sketching patterns, and creating a color scheme that worked well with the color trend forecasting and the mod graphic prints.

After painting the prints, I scanned them and edited them in Adobe Photoshop.

I sent the finalized paintings to our manufacturer, and worked with them to create a silk and cotton fabric blend for the foundation of the screen printed art works.


Brand Design

To create a brand identity that fit well with the groovy mod style from the 60’s and 70’s, I used a color palette of deep green, and pastel peach, with an accent of a lighter forrest green. These colors mark our brand as fun and retro, while the typography and layout keep us modern and sophisticated.

I created the two logos, the “klæde” and the “K” for our branding. I also picked monteserrat for our site font, and for all of the basic copy on our newsletters, business cards, and other online and print materials. Monteserrat fits well with the bold “K” logo, and is a Google font, so most sites will pick it up.


Website Design

I created our website through Shopify, and run the eCommerce business through their platform. I implemented our brand identity and design through Shopify, and created a clean and fun environment for purchasing kerchiefs.


Art Direction

For Klæde’s San Francisco Spring photoshoot, I was in charge of art direction and styling. I sourced all of the clothing for the shoot, and I worked with our photographer, Monika Ottehenning, to create images that captured the brand identity.